Welcome to the new FastandFuriousFootball.com

As you can see, things have been pretty busy since we acquired the site. When redesigning fastandfuriousfootball.com we had three goals in mind: provide a clean look, make it easy to navigate, and deliver an extensive selection of content. We are proud of what we have come up with for you, the coaches. Take a look around and you will see a new logo, new navigational menus, new website design/colors and a Members area which has been completely overhauled and improved with new content including videos!

We appreciate the hundreds of emails from coaches like you who have dug into the new site and have given it positive feedback and reviews. We will continuously work to make this site a great experience for coaches of all levels. We hope you will continue to enjoy the free playbooks and invite you to check out the benefits of the Members tab.

Lets dig into two of the many new features of the site:

1. New Navigation

Everywhere you need to go can be accessed through the top menu. Going forward you will hear us refer to them as menu tabs. In our opinion, the most important tab for coaches that visit the site (besides the Free Playbooks tab) is the Contact tab. Have a question, problem, request or just want to drop us some feedback? The Contact tab contains a form that is linked directly to our email. We will do our best to get back to you within 24-36 hours if not sooner!

 2. New Members Area

One word…..Videos! We have added both scheme and positional drill videos for Offense, Defense, Special Teams and Strength and Conditioning. New playbooks, coaching resources and videos will be added twice a month from here on out.

What we think you’ll really like is that the new content in the Members tab is organized in a very efficient way.  You will see under the main Members tab that content is broken down by Playbook or Video and then further broken down from there into very specific areas. Videos are organized and ready to go and the Playbook section has been started and will be updated throughout the next month.                                                                                       More organization=Less time searching and more time studying/preparing for the season.

How do you access the new Members tab? Look below to find out what category you fit into and follow the instructions. If you still aren’t sure, send us an email through the Contact tab above.

New Members

  • Get information on becoming a new member by clicking the Membership signup tab above.

Old Paying Members

  • If you are an old paying member:
            1. Login at the top right and you will have a new tab called “Old Membership Upgrade” appear after Login.
            2. Click on that tab for more information on upgrading your existing paying membership.

Old Registered Members

  • If were not a paying member but registered for free and have a login, you need to create a new paying account through the regular Membership signup tab above.

Hope you guys enjoy and have a safe and happy holiday season.

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